AT&T Failure / IPhone4 Pre-Order

So I have never done this before, but I thought I would pre-order the new IPhone 4 from Apple today.  Well its been almost 10 hours and still no luck; so what’s worse sitting at my office retrying or waiting in the long line at an Apple store on launch day?    Waiting at the Apple store!!!

When I attempt to connect, I get some many different error message; but now the AT&T wireless site indicates they are performing an upgrade.  I would have thought this was already done, I mean they have seen this before.  Was somebody surprised by the demand?


UPDATE #1 Its almost 9pm on the east coast and still no PRE-ORDER success.  I am now seeing updates on the feeds (RSS, Twitter) that they maybe sold out.  ARGH.

UPDATE #2 So I was finally successful around 10pm, and received confirmation that my order was excepted and will be delivered on June 24th.  WoooHooo….

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