Our most valuable asset.

Recently I received criticism about my comment that our employees are “our most valuable asset” in forum post http://lnh.litchfieldnhboards.com/viewtopic.php?t=1019&sid=306458a36683ab3f0390bc6ec8c74fe4.  The issue came from my support of a 1.5% increase for our non-union employees.  The poster suggested that we shouldn’t pay for skilled workers; when there are others without experience or no history of the operation of the town willing to work for less.  In my mind, this would be a bad decision as the town operates because of the knowledgeable workers we have today.   I agree that we need to watch our spending and invest in areas that will continue to return dividends to our community.  Which is why I believe it makes sense to support our employees; and provide a very small increase.   Just as I do for my private employees that have worked for me and will continue to do so as a manager.   What remains true is the town runs on the backs of these employees, and without there would be no services and empty building shells.

As always, I welcome anyone to call and discuss this issue with me; as I believe I am protecting our town and making good decisions as desired by the majority.


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