Remembering and being proud

 Children 2013

Children 2013

Somedays I wonder how I got here.   Starting my family young; much younger then my son Justin; who married back in 2009, I am amazed by all that we have and done.  I wasn’t the most patient or brightest parent; but somehow my wife and I got it done.  We created a home that raised four wonderful children; we have meet many wonderful people along the way, who have become family.    I want nothing more than success for my children and to enjoy my remanding years on this earth with my wife and someday grandchildren (not to soon, please). 

To my son, Justin and his wife Marissa; I wish nothing but the best to you both.  I am hopeful that you will be as lucky as I have been; but remember to enjoy life, as it goes by so fast.   Take the time to support each other; and everything will come together.

To my daughter, Kristin; you are my strength and I am so happy you are beginning to live life.   We are proud of your choice take on the battle, as it was the toughest decision someone of her age could have made, but it’s going to be a better life in the long run. 

To my boys Nathan and Dylan; what can I say, you give me gray hair and keep me feeling young.   I love every minute of our time; both the good and bad; and I look forward to more adventures.

I love my family and friends, and as we start 2013; I look forward to what’s ahead.

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