LPD to host “Social Media: A Predators Playground”

In the past year, the Litchfield Police Department has seen a rise in incidents involving children, social media, and the internet.  The ages of the children involved have ranged from 8-17 years old.  

The frequency of these types of incidents has increased to multiple investigations per month.  In order to better educate adults on how to protect our children from online predators, the Litchfield Police will be hosting a presentation on internet safety and the dangers that social media pose to children.  

Date & Time:  May 29th 2019 @ 7:00 PM
Location: Campbell High School; Auditorium

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Learn about the dangers that face teens every day. In doing so, we’ll discuss how computers, cell phones, iPads, digital cameras, gaming systems, social networking applications, and internet blogs all play a role in placing students and families at risk. This 1.5 hour presentation is specifically geared towards parents, educators and community leaders who are looking to better understand the technology available to teens today and the way in which child predators use it to exploit them. 

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