Open Letter in Support of Litchfield HS Lacrosse

District Administration and School Board Members,

I am writing to ask for and encourage the school board and administration to support a lacrosse program at the high school level.  The Litchfield Lacrosse Association has put together a great program at the recreation level; but there are many high school aged boys that have aged out and would like to compete at the high school level.

Those that have been in the program for the past couple years know how fast it has grown and the continued interest in developing more options.  Players are drawn to the speed of the game and the active participation it encourages.  Similar to basketball, players on the lacrosse field play some offense and defense; and they are constantly moving.

As I understand the approach, the team would be funded by players and we are not asking the school or taxpayers to incur any costs.  But as I understand it without the support of the Athletic Director, School Board and Administration they will not be able to compete at the high school level or represent their town/school.  We have supported a hockey and wrestling teams, which is completely funded in the same fashion; so I don’t see any reason to not allow the program to develop in the upcoming school year.

Please consider supporting the efforts of the parents, league and players!!!!

Thank you for the time and consideration,

John Brunelle

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