Why do we have to twist the truth and the real purpose?

In a recent HLN “Letter to our Editor”, Jason Guerrette states that the Board of Selectmen will be developing the 2014 Town Budget without televising.  Well I would like to clarify, what is happening is a department head meeting; which is typically held during the business day and not normally televised.  The only purpose is to discuss how departments are running, what they are seeing as challenges in the current and upcoming year. Yes, I am sure the budget will come up; but no decisions are being made, nor is the budget the primary purpose of the meeting.   The fact that many of these employees are not elected and several have expressed apprehension due to the cameras; and we want to encourage an open discussion.   The only difference with this meeting and other department head meetings is the attendance of the whole Board of Selectmen; which makes this a public meeting and will be open to the public to attend.  All requirements of a public meeting will be met, minutes will be taken and available for public inspection, as required and the public is always encouraged to attend.

Then Mr Guerrette continues with the BOS now wants to spend your hard earned tax dollars to build the a new fire and police station complex.  Well that is kinda true, but not exactly and if anyone wants to discuss; I am more then happy to.  What was being requested was the formation of a committee, to review the department’s needs and issues; inventory current facilities, develop a plan that will address the needs and a roadmap to get there.   Nothing has been decided; as the outcome will take several years and needs the support of the community.  The committee will need to demonstrate the need and not just assume everyone understands.  Mr Guerrette’s insertion that we are intending to grow the fire or police department is the farthest from our minds and is just twisting the facts.  We are just attempting to deliver required services, address facilities issues that are causing safety and maintenance issues; which has been an ongoing problem for many years.

The Building committee is looking for two (2) residents that would like to serve and work with other members to complete the mission.   If you are interested, please call the town hall for a volunteer application.   

If anyone would like discuss or even just get clarification, please call me at 262.3901 anytime.

John Brunelle – Litchfield


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