Joint Meeting – Litchfield Town Officials and State Reps

On March 18, 2010 there was a joint meeting with the Litchfield Board of Selectman, School Board, Budget Committee and citizens to discuss the purposed Hudson Casino off of Lowell Road. The panel explained the proposal that’s in front of the Hudson Planning Board and the pending the Senate Bill

New IPAD Parody, I chuckled!!!!

Now this is kinda funny

CNET Systems engineer deemed best job in America – CNET News

Interesting timing, as I was just thinking about this today. Was my career choice a good one or not; I guess I did good. I really enjoy my current job and working for Cisco has been awesome so far; great company and good people. Systems engineer deemed best job in

AT&T to expand 3G coverage in southern NH –

Having been sucked into the IPhone world, this comes as good news. But what about the 3G Microcell? When can we expect it to arrive? AT&T to expand 3G coverage in southern NH – Source: sent this using ShareThis.

Thank you to all my supporters!!!

The votes have been counted and the citizens of Litchfield have elected me as one of their two Selectmen. For all those who supported me, I will work hard to continue to earn your support over the next three years. But my success is a two-way effort and communications will

To IPAD or not?

Since the Apple IPAD was announced; I have been excited about the possibilities. I have been looking for a media consumption device for a year or so; to focus mainly on replacing my paper notebook and provide access to tools that can help me be more productive. Well, I believe

Video from the Litchfield Candidate’s Night

For those that may have not been able to attend or watch live, you can now watch online. Town of Litchfield – Candidate’s Night 2010 from John Brunelle on Vimeo. Election day is March 9, 2010 at Campbell High School.

Candidate Night – My Introduction

First thank you to all the citizens that came to the session this evening and thoughtful questions. Although I wasn’t asked a lot of questions, I certainly learned a lot about the other candidates; which will be valuable on election day March 9th. Here is my introduction notes: Good Evening;

Town and School Reports – Now Available Online

The 2009 Town and School reports are now available for the Town of Litchfield. You access both reports by going to Town Reports on the Town’s website.

Litchfield Candidates Night

Come meet the candidates at Campbell High School on Friday March 5, 2010 starting at 7 pm. Read the story at the Telegraph Neighbors

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