Seeking re-election to the Board of Selectmen

I seeking your support for re-election to the Board of Selectmen.   My family and I have lived in Litchfield for the past 14 years and in Southern New Hampshire area for the past 25 years.   My wife Cathy and I have four children, two which have graduated Campbell High School;

Hmmm, I should have thought of that

This caught my eye today.   I never considered outsourcing my job, something I could not do; but people wonder why companies do it everyday.   

Remembering and being proud

Somedays I wonder how I got here.   Starting my family young; much younger then my son Justin; who married back in 2009, I am amazed by all that we have and done.  I wasn’t the most patient or brightest parent; but somehow my wife and I got it done.

AT&T Failure / IPhone4 Pre-Order

So I have never done this before, but I thought I would pre-order the new IPhone 4 from Apple today.  Well its been almost 10 hours and still no luck; so what’s worse sitting at my office retrying or waiting in the long line at an Apple store on launch

Our most valuable asset.

Recently I received criticism about my comment that our employees are “our most valuable asset” in forum post  The issue came from my support of a 1.5% increase for our non-union employees.  The poster suggested that we shouldn’t pay for skilled workers; when there are others without experience or no

Response to the Salary Increase for Town Employees.

I recently received some criticism for my support and bringing forward a “Cost of Living Adjustment” (COLA) for the non-union town employees of 1.5%, which will cost $13,500.00 to fund from the bottom line of the budget.  Due to this my character has been called into question after less than

Dilbert – Corporate Credit Cards

This is my life when it comes to my corporate credit card.

Its works!!!!

What else can I say, its just works!!!!! I have been waiting for this solution to my poor AT&T service for over a year. So when I got word it was available, I ran out and dropped the $150.00. I really love my IPhone, but the service from AT&T was

Granite State of Mind – Live Free or Die!!!

Worth the view:

TiVo Premiere – I want one!!!

Anybody who knows me; knows that I have been looking to build a home entertainment system that can pulls together my love for Internet streaming and normal TV. Enters TiVo Premiere; which is winning my attention and may actually get me not to invest in the MAC Mini for that

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