So recently during a Board of Selectmen meeting; I was called “DISHONEST”.   Why, because I proposed the idea of giving up my Selectman salary, and give it to employees that have not received a COLA or increase because they have worked for the town to long.   I wasn’t suggesting raising their base pay; or yearly salary, just a one time bonus from the BOS to them for their years of service.

Well this has been stated that I was suggesting that it was a raise to the base; against the vote of the people.  I certainly don’t see it that way and because it was coming from my earnings, it was a one-time single reward.  Not a continued in the following year.  

You be the judge; watch the dialog below (starts) – 

At the conclusion of the meeting, Jason Guerrette wanted to share some input; which was allowed.   His comments can be watched below

So during his public comments, Jason twists the items and calls me dishonest.  Why because I was willing to give up my salary, and give it to a small fraction of town employees that have been impacted by increased costs and no COLA over the past few years.   This token of THANKS would not even come close to making up the difference.   This was not a salary increase against the vote of the people, it wouldn’t have been a regular thing; and it was me (and hopefully other BOS members) giving what we earned to others.

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