Joint Meeting – Litchfield Town Officials and State Reps

On March 18, 2010 there was a joint meeting with the Litchfield Board of Selectman, School Board, Budget Committee and citizens to discuss the purposed Hudson Casino off of Lowell Road.

The panel explained the proposal that’s in front of the Hudson Planning Board and the pending the Senate Bill SB 489. The meeting was full of interesting facts; and information about the revenue sharing was also explained.

Litchfield board members also inquired as to why Litchfield was impacted by a 2 million dollar cut that will impact the school administration. Representative Valerie Hardy was specifically question on her decision to cut the state aid; and how that was helping Litchfield. Which resulted in a semi-heated conversation.

Meeting lasted about 40 minutes, and is available for viewing online here.

Litchfield Joint Session with NH State Reps from John Brunelle on Vimeo.

Nashua Telegraph Story

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