Public Service Announcement | Memorial Day Parade | May 31, 2021

In remembrance of those who fought and perished for our great nation, the Town of Litchfield will be honoring those men and women with a Memorial Day Parade. The parade will take place on Monday, May 31, 2021, with a start time of 10:00 am. The parade will begin on Albuquerque Avenue at Simeon Lane and will travel south on Albuquerque Avenue and conclude at the intersection of Liberty Way.

We will be closing Albuquerque Avenue to all traffic from Meadowbrook Lane to Simeon Lane beginning at 9:55 am and the road will reopen at the conclusion of the event.

The following intersections will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the parade:

Albuquerque Avenue at Simeon Lane 
Albuquerque Avenue at White Street
Albuquerque Avenue at Griffin Lane
Albuquerque Avenue at Whidden Lane
Albuquerque Avenue at Center Street
Albuquerque Avenue at Brenton Street
Albuquerque Avenue at Pearson Street
Albuquerque Avenue at Fallon Drive
Albuquerque Avenue at Hillcrest Road
Albuquerque Avenue at Westview Drive
Albuquerque Avenue at Meadowbrook Lane
Liberty Way at Hillcrest  

Should you have travel plans, please plan around the road closures to avoid any unnecessary delays. We will do our very best to open the roads expeditiously, however it is paramount we ensure the safety of all the parade participants and attendees.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making for a safe Memorial Day parade.

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