Re-Elect John Brunelle for Board of Selectmen

John Brunelle

Litchfield Board of Selectmen


  • Married for 27 years.
  • 4 Children raised in Litchfield
  • Lived in Litchfield since 1998
  • Lived in Southern NH since 1988
  • IT Professional, with 30 years of experience in services, management and architecture.

Service and Dedication to Litchfield:

  • Served on the Board of Selectmen since 2010
        * Vice-Chairman – 2011
        * Chairman – 2012
  • Solid Waste Committee, Chairman
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment, member
  • Budget Committee, Ex-officio
  • Recreation Commission, Ex-officio
  • Conservation Commission, Ex-officio

Beliefs and Principles:

  • Open government and information sharing that is as easy as possible
  • Maintaining our assets; Roads, building, equipment and other resources
  • Keep our taxes within reason; and provide the services that our community needs
  • Keep the feel of our community, but look for opportunities that benefit and aid in the providing the basic services

I want a Litchfield that we can be proud of and one that continues to be a great place to raise our families.   I ask for your support and please cast your vote for me on March 12; and I will continue to work on the behalf of Litchfield.

To learn more about me; both personal and professional, go to: or email me at

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